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Norma Jean Remembering our Marjorie Mae from Mom and Gerald February 23, 2012
Dear Joan,  What a wonderful web site for your memory of Robert, your baby brother.. I know he will be standing in heaven next Jesus and you will know him and your dad will be right there, too.. What a joy to see you remember your brother when most would just not care.. That shows me your love for Jesus and His promise to restore to us all we have lost on earth..That is such hope and we have His promise to be with all our loved ones again.. I just know he is as handsome as your dad.. God bless you, Robert as you dance in heaven and are so free.. Joan will kiss and hug you so much that you will know her right away, too.. Peace and new hope in the meeting in heaven.. Tibby will be at his feet.. Love all times, Norma Jean and Gerald...Thanks for sharing your love for Robert..
Fam. of Scott & Samantha God Bless you Thomas. February 21, 2012
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